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Retirement Planning

WITH the Federal Government casting doubt on the future age that people can apply for a Centrelink pension, financial insecurity is an issue facing many people that are ready to retire.

People, can bring the decision to cease their work into their own hands by advanced planning & asking themselves appropriate financial & lifestyle questions.

  • How much money do we need before retirement?
  • What lifestyle can we afford when we stop work?
  • Will we be able to travel?
  • I would like to retire early & do some volunteer work. How can I afford that?
  • What if the financial markets crash after I retire? That scares me. Is there any way to avoid potential losses & still be able to afford my retirement plans?
  • How do we invest to reach our retirement goals?

LFN can help steer your retirement plans through these issues and many more.

We provide personalised service and listen to client's retirement aspirations.

No matter whether you can take advantage of the above or not Talk to Tom.

How about being able to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to you? Call now so that your tax planning can be mapped out across the whole year, so that all potential savings become money in YOUR pocket.
Tom Crossen is registered with the Taxation Practitioners Board of Australia.

Retirement Planning

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