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If you had an illness or accident that kept you away from work for a year, how long could you pay your mortgage? The power & phone bills? Or just be able to put food on the table?

If your spouse or partner suddenly passed away, how would it effect you financially?

If you contracted a critical illness such as heart disease or cancer, modern medicine may cure you or at least prolong your life, but will you be able to survive the crippling effect on your finances?

  • 1 in 3 Men & 1 in 4 Women have a chance of suffering cancer before Age 75
  • The lifetime financial cost of cancer to an individual is on average more than $100,000. (some cancers can cost 2-3 times that)
    Source: Cancer in Australia, an overview December 2012, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; Cost of cancer in NSW, Access Economics, April 2007.

Australians are used to insuring such things as vehicles, houses & contents but are less likely to insure their most valuable asset .... Themselves & their income.
Unlike other forms of insurance, Personal Protection Insurances are not just a matter of getting a quote. There are so many variables to be considered to get the adequate level of cover.

At Lifetime Financial Navigators we have the experience to ask you the right questions to enable an adequate & affordable insurance package can become the foundation of your families financial plan.

LFN has access to a wide range of product providers to provide the appropriate standard of cover possible at the best available price.

No matter whether you can take advantage of the above or not Talk to Tom.

How about being able to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to you? Call now so that your tax planning can be mapped out across the whole year, so that all potential savings become money in YOUR pocket.
Tom Crossen is registered with the Taxation Practitioners Board of Australia.

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