Some facts About Us

The newest & freshest financial planning firm in the Great Southern. Our focus is navigating & facilitating you to reach YOUR financial destination.

Lifetime Financial Navigators (LFN) is the newest & freshest financial planning company in the Great Southern. It’s Principal & Financial Advisor, Tom Crossen brings over 20 years experience in finance, real estate, property & fund investment, banking, business marketing, personal insurance & retirement planning in WA. He decided to form LFN to provide advice based solely on client goals & requirements away from the constraints & dictations of large financial institutions.

Financial advice is more about the questions asked rather than the actual numbers. Most people actually know what they want. Some have a clear vision of their future, others may be less sure, mainly due to life distractions that tend to confuse or 'muddy' vision. No matter which is true, asking the 'right' questions is critical for success. It makes sense that given it is our OWN financial future, that we all actually have the answers to determine our destination. However it is the questions asked that determine how to reach the goals. I can ask the right questions.

- Tom Crossen

LFN maps the journey, then facilitates the advice using products & strategies that align with the clients ambitions. Not being owned by any finance or insurance company enables a broad choice of products & services to be made available. LFN provides ongoing service that will regularly review progress, provide advice & make adjustments if necessary. Also provides client specific information regarding eg federal budgets. As well as being just a phone call away to answer queries & being a local face to meet in person.

Tom suggests, “the foundation of every financial plan should be to protect what a person already has. Protect family from financial hardship due to death, major injury or illness provides sound peace of mind for families. A platform for their future.”

Did you know there are strategies to make your life insurances more tax or cash flow effective ? Want to know how ? Talk to Tom.

LFN offers a complimentary insurance & superannuation review by appointment.